Dallas Downriver Club

Dallas Downriver Club Caddoween at Goat Island on Caddo Lake

jack o'lanterns
Caddoween at BackWater Jack's

Dallas Downriver Club formally invites you and your family or friends to help us haunt BackWater Jack's on Caddo Lake at our annual Caddoween Campout on Thursday, October 26th thru Sunday, October 29th, 2016. Due to the Giant Salvinia invasion currently going on at the, lake combined with a low level of water in the lake itself, we have decided to relocate for at least 2017 to an easier to reach location on the lake.  

BackWater Jacks offers an immensely large camping area complete with restrooms and hot showers, so there is plenty of space for everybody, plus it has easy access to Big Cypress Bayou so that anyone wishing to paddle the lake can do so as well.

Some of us will go early and probably start paddling on Thursday and/or Friday before the crowd starts arriving. Camping is still primitive so bring appropriate camping gear. 

 Saturday, the 28th, will include several events and contests:

12:00 - Start of the pumpkin carving contest. Bring uncarved pumpkin, knives, candles, pattern, etc. Judging starts after dark. Plan on taking pumpkin home with you as they are not natural to Goat island!

2:00 - Pinnate for the kids

3:00 - Best decorated tent site. All decorations MUST be removed when you leave.

4:30 - Dutch oven cook-off - have your entry ready at this time so we can eat it for dinner!

5:00 - pot luck dinner - please bring enough for your group.

After dinner - Trick or treating from tent to tent, bring treats or you could be tricked!

Bonfire, (IF there is no Burn Ban)

Costume contest for kids and adults.

Ghost stories, bring your best! Maybe the "Lady of the Lake" will make her appearance. Pretty scary stuff! Prizes and awards from local paddle sports outfitter stores and DDRC.


For more info on BackWater Jack's Click HERE


Any questions? call

Bryan Jackson


Directions to BackWater Jack's Big Cypress Bayou/Caddo Lake

To Caddo Lake, Texas:

From Dallas: Take IH-20 East to Marshall. Exit onto US Hwy 59, and then turn left (North). Follow US Highway 59 north through Marshall past US Highway 80. Take FM RD 1793 (right).  Stay on FM RD 1793 until you will come to the intersection of FM1793 / FM 134 (about 8 miles).  Take a right on FM 134 (south).  Travel about 2 miles you will come to a S curve with railroad tracks in the middle of the curve.  (You will know it when you see it!).  The blacktop road to your left is Longs Camp RD.  Come down it until you see the river.  If you get wet you went too far

ALTERNATE: Take IH-20 East to Marshall. Exit onto US Hwy 59, and then turn left (North). Follow US Highway 59 north through Marshall past US Highway 80. You can also take Hwy 43 East toward Karnack / Caddo Lake.  Stay on Hwy 43 until you see the FM RD 134  / FM 449 RD intersection. (about 15 miles) Turn Left onto FM 134.  Less than 4 miles you will see the railroad tracks and S curve.  Longs Camp RD is before the tracks to your right.  Stop when you see the river.

Camping Charge will be $15 per tent per night. There will also be a $5 per family charge for non-members to help defray some of the costs. 

Map to Caddo Lake


  RULE 1:   HAVE A GREAT TIME!!  The remaining rules are so you, your guests, and fellow campers can as well.  We appreciate your business!

  RULE 2:  SPEED LIMIT 10 MPH. Take it real slow please.  Don't sweat it if the turtles pass you.  

  RULE 3:  QUIET HOURS: 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  We don't expect you to whisper during quiet hours, but we ask you to keep the noise down.   Please consider your neighbors.  We think an occasional laugh or lyric will be heard. IF YOU ARE LOUD, we will let you know in the nicest way possible.

  RULE 4:  PETS:  We want to love them as much as you do. Loud and/or aggressive pets are hard to love. We need pets supervised by their owners.  We ask you to keep your pets on a leash and quiet.   The park is large and has plenty of space to wander and enjoy.

  RULE 5:  CHILDREN:  The greatest gift of all.  We want them to have a good and a very safe time.  Please do not let your kids wander without supervision.   Remember you are surrounded by water and wildlife.  Take appropriate caution.  You are here to enjoy nature.  But the nature of the area needs to be respected.

RULE 6:  WATERWAYS & BOAT RAMP:  All bodies of water, including the river, and lake-like areas surrounding our park are not owned, operated, or controlled by Backwater Jacks RV.  We are not responsible for your use of the river or any surrounding bodies of water.  All damage to person or property arising from the use of the waterways is not the responsibility of Backwater Jacks.  Boat launching fee is waived for reserved guests.

  RULE 7:  CLEANLINESS:  Please help us keep your area clean. Trash is unattractive and will attract bugs and critters.  Some of the critters are big!!  Please use trash receptacle available on the premises.

  RULE 8:  RESTROOMS:  We strive to keep them clean and well stocked.  Let us know if they need our attention.  Bath houses are for our two-legged guests ONLY!   Pots and pans have no legs, so please do not wash them in the bathrooms. Soap provided at lavatories is for hand washing.  Please provide your own soap for showering. 

  RULE 9:  FIREARMS:  We all know what the state laws are in relation to firearms.  Obey the law.

  RULE 10: ALCOHOL:  We ask you to use it responsibly.  Drunk and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated. 

  RULE 11:  CAMPFIRES:  Fires only in the appropriate areas at each campsite, or as directed by office staff.  PLEASE keep fires on the smaller size and do not leave them unattended. Please douse with water when leaving the area. (Water faucets are located at the front and back of office building.)  BBQ grilling is permitted bring your own firewood and grill.      

  THE LAST RULE - COMMON SENSE: USE IT!  BE CAREFUL.  BE CONSIDE RATE.  This is our catch-all rule. If we see something that concerns us, we will bring it to your attention.  If something concerns you, please bring it to our attention.